Odoo - Bexio Integration

Keep all your contacts, currencies, accounts, sales, purchases, invoices and bills synchronised  together with our powerful Odoo-Bexio two-way connector.

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Why use our integration?

A lot of companies now are using Bexio accounting software to keep online records of invoices and its payments.  

eSwap Technologies has developed a new module to synchronise Invoices and payments between Odoo and Bexio Accounting system. This synchronisation can be triggered on schedule frequency from module settings. Invoices get reconciled against payments imported from Bexio.  

Start running up-to-date accounting with our module.

Features of our integration

  • Import contacts with contact groups, categories, and titles

  • Import your charts of accounts with your account groups and taxes.

  • Import sales orders with products, currencies, contacts, bank accounts, payments and users ( While importing users:  Bexio user will be linked with Odoo users )

  • Import purchase orders with all purchase details

  • Import Invoices and Bills with all accounting related details to keep everything up to date

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Two-way sync

Our two-way synchronization module keeps your accounting data always up-to-date. Do not spend your time on importing your invoices, bills, customers from Odoo to Bexio or from Bexio to Odoo. 

We do all for you automatically!